Charles Davidson is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area where he was born and raised.  After a professional career in the performing arts which spanned over 19 years, Charles moved to beautiful Northern California in 1999.

In 2004 he started New Life Marketing in Redding, California to address the growing concerns of small business owners wanting to overcome the diverse and challenging hurdles of the Internet economy.

Charles brings years of experience of theatre design and graphics arts together with impressive skills in computer programming, marketing and management to create the ultimate blend of visual aesthetics and marketing impact.

By forming unique partnerships with his clients, Charles is able to absorb all of the details of his clients' business and create a distinctive and powerful web site packed with the power of an explosive online marketing campaign.

Recent projects include a complete redesign of the Help, Inc. web site and the creation of the new Respect program web site.  Visit the portfolio for more examples of his work.

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When it comes to promoting your business on the Internet. we focus on three equally important areas: design, promotion, and maintenance.


Whether building your site from the ground up or giving your existing site a face lift, we will work to create a high-quality design that is visually appealing.  But we don't stop there.

While good design is important, it doesn't matter at all if your site doesn't accomplish it's goals.  You need your web site to generate leads, produce sales, or promote your company.  If your web site doesn't contribute to your bottom line, then it doesn't matter how pretty it looks.

We build your web site so that it works for you - not against you.  We write compelling sales copy that engages your visitors.  We create keyword-rich descriptions and content so your website ranks high in search engine results.  We develop interactive features that compliment your business strategy.

Some web designers spend a lot of time and effort trying to impress their clients with unnecessary bells and whistles, but we build websites that get you the results you need.


Once most web designers upload your website, their work is done.  They leave promotion up to you.  And promoting your web site can seem like a daunting task.

An entire industry has grown up around how to best promote web sites.  There a hundreds of self-proclaimed experts all trying to sell you on their systems, software, or books.  There are web sites that promise they will submit your site to thousands of search engines for only a few hundred dollars.  For the small business owner, it's easy to get lost in the maze of hype and lies.

At New Life Marketing, we know the truth behind these claims.  We know that there are no secrets to getting traffic to your web site.  We understand that it takes hard work and time.  And most small business owners don't have the kind of time it takes to properly promote their sites.

That's why, once the initial excitement of a new business website wears off, most business web sites languish at the bottom of the search engine results, doomed to almost certain failure.

Our goal is to make your business stand out, whether it's in the search engines, or through some other custom marketing strategy.  We understand that unless your potential customers can find you, your web site is probably nothing more than a business write off.

We work hard to develop an aggressive marketing plan to promote your business and your web site online.  We tackle everything from keyword development to search engine optimization to directory submissions and email newsletter campaigns.  We will design an online marketing campaign that fits into your business goals.


If you realized how much work it was to maintain your web site, you probably would not have taken on the challenge.  Keeping your web site up to date is a constant chore that most business owners would rather forget.

But your visitors and potential customers require more of you than just an up-to-date site.  They want dynamic, changing content.  They want interactive features.  They want reasons to come back to your web site time and time again.  All of this requires continually updating your site's content.

And you have to remind your customers that your web site exists.  You need to have a strategy for reaching out to your mailing list to let them know about new features and changes.  You have to keep reminding them to come back for more.

Finally, you can't forget about those search engines and Internet directories.  Unless you keep fine-tuning your keywords and resubmitting your pages, you might as well forget about keeping your high-ranking search engine position.

We know that all of this takes time that you don't have.  You need to be making sales and contacts offline.  If you spent all your time and energy promoting your web site your offline business would fall off.  But you can't neglect online promotions either.  Without a comprehensive maintenance strategy, your web site will end up costing you more money and leads that you will ever get in return.

Our solution is to create a maintenance plan that keeps you web site running in tip-top shape.  Go back to running your business, and let us take care of your website.

2004 New Life Marketing

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