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PrayNorthState.org is the online edition of the monthly newsletter from PrayNorthState. With a circulation of 1500 people, PrayNorthState is a central gathering point for churches and parachurch organizations from Sacramento to the Oregon border.


Help, Inc.


Help, Inc. is the suicide prevention and crisis line for Shasta County. The original web site design was simple black text on a white background with very little graphic design. In creating a new design, New Life Marketing wanted to provide a simple and easy-to-navigate site that allowed visitors to quickly find the information they needed.


Shasta County Women's Refuge

The Shasta County Women's Refuge celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2004. They wanted a new design for their web site that showcased a design with the three colors that signify their mission.

The design was completed by Charles Davidson, however the Shasta County Women's Refuge is not a current New Life Marketing client.



Currently in development, Pro-Foundit.com is a directory for architects, engineers, and construction professionals to allow them to find manufacturers and suppliers for their project. Set to be released in December 2004, this site includes a PHP/MySQL back-end for a completely dynamic web site.


Best Value Web Hosting


Best Value Web Hosting is a marketing client. They specialize in low-cost web hosting for businesses. New Life Marketing is responsible for site maintenance and marketing services.




The Respect Program

The Respect Program is a 24-hour crisis hotline for domestic violence victims and abusers. For their new media campaign, they wanted a clean, simple look with their new logo and colors.

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