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Designing with Templates

Some of our clients prefer working with templates. A template is nothing more than a web site that has been previously designed and is ready for customization.

Templates provide an attractive option mainly because a site can be up and running faster and with less initial cost than a site designed from the ground up.

New Life Marketing provides the option to our clients to begin the design process by selecting a template.

Templates can also serve as a jumping off point for an original design. By selecting elements that appeal to the client, we can create an entirely new web site without starting from scratch.

If you are concerned about your budget or would like to get some ideas for creating your own original design, you can visit our design gallery.


Web Design

Whether you need to build a web site from the ground up or just want to give an existing web site a face lift, New Life Marketing can create the web site of your dreams.

All of our web designs begin with a comprehensive Needs Analysis survey of your business. We evaluate your business goals and objectives and design a web site that fits with your over all business strategy. Your web site should work for you - not against you. That means that your web site should work to accomplish the goals you have for your business.

Next, we write keyword-rich content that will help position your web site in the search engine results. Site features are developed to help with the marketing of your new web site. Everything that your visitors will see is created to ensure the maximum marketing impact.

Finally, a professional, visually-appealing design is created. While we believe that design is important to the overall impact of your web site, we also believe that design comes after the marketing goals have been achieved. In other words, we don't design sites just so they are pretty. We design sites that look good and that accomplish your marketing goals.

We invite you to a free consultation where we can evaluate your business and your website. It's confidential and there is no obligation. Contact us to request a free quote.

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